Lisa Hughes

Like a lot of people my own career initially evolved through a series of happy accidents

I worked hard to succeed by other people’s standards. In 2009 I had a realisation that where I was of most service, the thing that lit me up, was in growing and developing leaders and creating high performing teams. So, in 2012 I created Arena Coaching.

The inspiration for the name comes from the Man in the Arena quote by Theodore Roosevelt –‘ it is not the critic that counts – the credit belongs to the man who is actually in the Arena’. Work is the arena of challenge, of growth, of performance. When we step into the arena we bring our best performance when we train our skills, develop our craft and shape our minds, when we work with a coach that believes in us and supports us in creating work we love.

I spent my career in the Arena of corporate life, my background is in commercial, my degree in business, my speciality in marketing. I’ve worked in corporates and in start-ups and I understand the joys and challenges of leading teams and developing people. I realised that my strength is in my curiosity and my love of creating greatness in others. So I left the relative safety of the corporate life to enter a different arena, one where my focus is on others, growing their knowing, expanding minds, building capacity, opening new perspectives and vistas to fulfil their potential and become all they can. To love work.

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