Behaviour is the Most Powerful form of Communication

The womens’ marches last weekend, regardless of your gender, nationality, or political opinions sent a big message. Whether you agreed or disagreed with the message or the sentiment or the politics it was powerful.

Believe what someone does rather than what they say is something we sometimes forget. Regardless of what we say, what are we actually doing? How are we showing up at home, at work, for our teams, for the business? We can talk a good game but unless we follow through and follow up that sentiment is lost.

We want to work in places where the values that posted up on the walls of meeting rooms and corridors and in powerpoint presentations actually show up in how we treat each other everyday. In how we make decisions. In how we run our businesses.

If we want to communicate effectively then we need to ensure our actions reflect the impact we want to have. We have to notice what we are doing and how it lands with others. The more deliberate and conscious we are about what we do and say the more likely it is that we will be clearly seen, heard and understood. That is powerful communication.