Don’t Leave 2021 Before You Leave 2021

Don’t leave before you leave was a sentiment expressed by Sheryl Sandberg in her 2013 book Lean In.  It refers to how women sometimes limit their career ambitions in anticipation of the sacrifices they might choose to make if they have children.

It also expresses a challenge a lot of us have around how we live our lives.  I know that I can be so busy thinking about the next thing and the future that I lose sight of what and who is right in front of me.  Already in my inbox, I have emails about 2022 and setting intentions and goals and that’s great.  There’s a lot to look forward to.

What about today?  There are 4 weeks left in 2021, things can change really fast as we have all learned over the last couple of years.  What can you do today?  What would it mean to make the most of the next 4 weeks?  How can you enjoy the run-up to the holidays and the New Year?  How can you wring the last drop of joy out of this year?

Christmas and New Year are often stressful times.  It certainly was in my house over the year, my mother used to want everything to be perfect which is always a recipe for disappointment.  So I chose a number of years back to reclaim Christmas, to create a new set of traditions and to enjoy every single moment.

How are you going to choose to spend the last 4 weeks of 2021?  Regardless of how this year has gone for you, what are the small things you can do today and every day to make the most of every day?  Don’t leave before you leave.