My Top 10 Ted Talks

I am a self confessed Ted Talk groupie.  Instead of TV you will find me trawling YouTube and for the most recent, most relevant and re-watching some of my old favourites.  Ted cinema is coming next Tuesday 26th April now too!

Why do Ted Talks resonate with us so much?  For me its that these relatively short and (mostly!) entertaining talks enable people to share new ideas, diverse experiences and different ways of looking at the world.  Ted Talks are informative, entertaining, educational, sometimes emotional and occasionally life changing.

I’m dedicated to life long learning to ensure I show up as a better coach, facilitator, parent and human being.  These short videos help me to keep expanding my mind and my attitude and feed my soul.

Below are some of my favourites to date  but what I would really love to know is what are yours?  Help me out and make some recommendations in the comments section below.  Thank you!

Jill Bolte Taylor

Brene Brown

Simon Sinek

Shawn Achor

Andrew Solomon

Barry Schwartz

Kelly McGonigal

Amy Cuddy

Michael Neill

Atul Gawande