Clients Testimonials

Arena Coaching client testimonials.

Lisa is a powerful facilitator and executive coach bringing both teams and individuals to a greater understanding of how to maximise their impact across their organisations.

She seeks to understand the unique culture and circumstances of the people she is working with resulting in programmes that are innovative, challenging and tailored to her audience.

Her delivery style is unique, impactful and always memorable and I would highly recommend her to any organization seeking to grow, develop and deal with complexity and change.


Marianne Doran / Senior HR Manager


Lisa is an exceptional trainer and coach, so much so that she has become an integral part of our L&D programme over the last few years. Her training sessions guarantee a lot of energy, engagement and interaction and consistently yield very positive feedback from all levels within the firm. From management development programmes, promotion training and graduate-level courses, Lisa works with us to deliver a host of tailored solutions that have a clear impact on the firm.  From a coaching perspective, Lisa has worked some our senior leadership team, designing programmes to help them identify how they can progress within the firm and also develop areas of the wider business.

Lisa Halpin


Lisa’s broad knowledge, engaging use of language, and her mindfulness approach in thought provoking questions have had a real impact and has made a powerful difference to me personally and to the team as a whole. I would encourage anyone to experience Lisa and the great work she does, bring an open mind and you will come away with a whole lot more.

Linda Watters

Elite Healthcare

I started working with Lisa to help me work through the next step in my career. I had considered starting my own business a number of times over the years but never had the confidence to actually make the leap. Lisa not only helped me figure out what I wanted to do that would be most fulfilling me work wise but also helped me figure out what was most important in my personal life. Lisa is an amazing career coach and really challenged me to be honest with myself but also believe in my ability to make a success in my new venture. Lisa will challenge you in the best possible way and will give you the tools and support that you will need to help you figure out your own path and I couldn’t recommend Lisa enough.

John Murphy