Love Culture
Intention is a mental state that represents a commitment to act.

Culture is the behaviour that gets rewarded around here and we get what we tolerate. Great culture is created, it is talked about explicitly and it is deeply connected and embedded in the work.  We work with the Denison Culture Model to measure and manage your Culture

At Arena Coaching we use the Denison Culture Model because there are two unique features that make the Denison Model and Solutions stand out beyond all the rest: the research and the proven link to organizational performance. The Denison Model provides organizations with an easy-to-interpret, business-friendly approach to performance improvement based on sound research principles. Their Culture Solutions have been deployed successfully in thousands of organizations around the world in a wide variety of situations, from Strategic Alignment to Mergers & Acquisitions to Transformation & Turnaround to New Leader Transitions.  Lisa is an accredited Denison Survey Partner and uses it in conjunction with the 360 Leadership Tool to really shift the dial in cultural and leadership behaviours.

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