Love Work
Wasn’t work supposed to be better than this?
More fulfilling, more meaningful somehow?
Does what I do matter?

Work is a huge part of our life, our happiness and yet we are not taught to own, to plan, to create work that we love. At Arena, we think everyone deserves great work, work we love, that plays our strengths and gives us meaning, where we have an impact, where we matter.

At Arena we work in partnership with you to identify the key opportunities and use a strengths based approach to unlock the potential of you, your team or your leadership. What creates energy in you and your team? What lights you up? And how can you use the power of love to create great work.

At arena we explore the knowing – what you know and what you don’t in order that we can identify what you need to do differently to design the way that you want to be and deliver what you define as success.

Find Work to Love

Sometimes we are stuck and we don’t know what work we love looks like. We use a 3 step framework to explore with you where you want to go, where you currently are and how to map a path from here to there while living into your values and who you want to be.

Get Clear

What does Great Work look life for me? What does Success mean to me? We work with you to get clear around your dreams and aspirations so that we can start to see clearly the direction you want to walk in.

Get Real

Who am I?  Where can I add Value? Where can I be the best? What’s driving me? What’s Stopping me?  We look at your skills, your strengths, your values and your beliefs to enable to decide how to decide what is great work for you.

Make It Happen

How do I make this happen? What resources and strengths can I lean into? Where is my network and how do I create relationships that align with who I want to be and where I want to go

You walk away with a clear view of what you want, where you are starting from and what are the first next steps to take you to where you want to go.

Love Work More

So you have found your groove, you have work you love but you want to get better, take it to the next level, progress, grow and develop in your role. We work with you to create a personal development plan to take you where you want to go.


How do I want to be perceived? What’s the image I am looking to create at work? What sort of work legacy do I want to create?


How am I landing with others? Does my impact match my intention? What are my blind spots?

Making The Shift

What are the habits I can shift every day that make a big difference in terms of my impact on others and my ability to get more great work done more of the time.